10 Unbelievable REKT Stories That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Misadventures


11/12/20232 min read

Confession #1

I lost $1000 trusting a friend's advice on investing in NFTs. I followed his recommendations without doing proper research, and the volatile market caused me to incur the loss.
This experience has taught me the importance of conducting my own research and not blindly following advice in financial matters. It's a costly lesson, but that is my friend he may cost me few more $$$

Confession #2

My friend and my wife wanted to have tea at a local place, while searching for a tea place they saw Subway. I had 200rs for tea as it was my party, now I am short of 1300rupess

I hate this tea party plans

Confession #3

Caught my girl friend red handed in a game of Hide & Seek with her loyalty. Guess I have to level up my “Find new girlfriend” Skills

Confession #4

In heaven there is no beer 🍻 that's why we drink it here
But when we are gone from here, our friends will be drinking our beer 🍻

Confession #5

Some'll win, some will lose
After this bullrun many of you will be millionaires, but some of you will lose everything.

I had the chance to get 30k with rubic, but I didn't take profits, today I'm broke.

Confession #6

I promised my brother 100 LINK after he lost his 99 LINK stack (kek, yeah i know) in the blockfi scam. I have 5000 LINK but to be honest with this pump I don't think I want to give him my hard earned LINK anymore. Why should I suffer for his loss? LOL I'm just not gonna do it.

Confession #7

Are you screwed with Salary?

Why does it even exist except to get 45-60 hours of work out of employees with just 40 hours of pay?

Confession #8

Can someone give me 15 dollars? Not ironically. I live in a ridiculously poor country and I'm a Rekt student living on the equivalent of 40 dollars a month. But it's all over. I had to spend money on college's bus and meals tickets and help my mother buy blood pressure meds. I'm fucking broke.

None. Zero cash. I'm afraid I won't be able to pay the rent for my room and food and this is making me anxious to the point where I'm shaking with fear. 15 dollars, that's all I ask of you, please.

Confession #9

Influencers be like: "Read this book and you'll become a millionaire overnight!'
Meanwhile, the only thing getting richer is their bank account from selling dreams.

Don't fall for the hype – success takes more than just a library card!

Confession #10

After making billions some intellectuals want normies to work for 70 hours, the working class is already working for more than 70 hours. Its easy for current CEOs to say this when they have multiple PAs to do their work

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